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PADI June Open Water Dive Class 6/3/19

PADI June Open Water Dive Class 6/3/19


06:30 pm – 09:00 pm

PADI Open Water Dive Class 6/3/19   INSTRUCTOR: Chris Parker Classroom sessions are at  Giant Stride Dive ShopPool session location: East Providence Boys & Girls Club, 115 Williams Ave., East Providence. open Water Dives will be at Fort Wetherill. A 10% Student discount is offered to students for the duration of the class and 30 days thereafter and if you decide to purchase all your own gear we will give a significantly higher discount giving you a better than you will ever get on the internet. If you buy all your own gear prior to signing up to take this class the class will be free and you will dive in your new gear. You must purchase new gear from us head to toe with full exposure protection, (hood, boots, gloves & wetsuit) full Regulator setup and either wrist or console computer, BCD (Buoyancy Compensator), Mask, fins, snorkel and at least 1 tank.This class has no hidden costs!!! We don't just sell it WE LIVE IT! Call 401-732-8808 for more info or stop by the store to enroll.

Scheduled Required Dates

Classroom and Pool:

June 3 Class 6:30

June  5 Pool 7:30

June 10 Class 6:30

June 12 Pool 7:30

June 17 Class 6:30

June 19 Pool 7:30

June 24 Class 6:30

June 26 Pool 7:30

Open Water Dives            June 29 and 30




The following paragraphs are the students responsibilities as well as PUNCTUALITY Academic Session (class room)
  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual, Recreational Dive Planner, Diver Log Book
  • Completed Knowledge reviews (from the end of each module in the Open Water manual)
  • Notepad or notebook for taking notes
  • Knowledge Reviews are due each class
  • Must pass all test with a 70%
Confined Water Session (pool)
  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Booties
  • Log Book
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Open Water Session (Ocean Dives)
  • Mask Fins, Snorkel, Booties, Gloves and Hood. (Provided by student)
  • Weight Belt, Regulator, Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), Wetsuit (7mm ) and tank (provided by dive shop)
  • Dive Flag
  • Logbook and Dive Tables (provided by dive shop)
  • Proper clothing for the weather conditions, large towel
  • Food snacks and drinks
Student responsibilities during academic sessions
  • Student must read 2 modules of the Open Water manual prior to each class
  • Knowledge reviews must be completed and handed over to the instructor prior to the class
  • Passing grade for all quizzes is a 70%. Seven out of ten must be correct
  • Passing grade for the final exam is a 70%. Thirty-five out of out of fifty must be correct
  • Academic session begins at 6:30. If you are unable to attend, the class must be made up
  • Students can not participate in the Confined Water Class (pool) sessions if the corresponding academic session has not been made up.
  • Make up classes will incur an additional charge of $40
Student responsibilities during Confined Water (pool) Sessions
  • You must be sized up for gear before the pool session. This must be done at least 1 day prior to the actual pool day
  • You will be given gear for the pool and it is your responsibility during the time it leaves the shop or instructor, to take cares of and maintains gear.
  • You will need to be at the pool 15 min before the class begins
  • All equipment must be cleaned after each class
  • If you are unable to attend a pool session, you must reschedule promptly. If an additional pool is necessary, an additional cost of $100 added
  • All confined water work must be completed before the Open Water dives
Student responsibilities during Open Water Sessions
  • All balances for the class must be paid in full
  • You must pick up your gear prior to the open water dive
  • It is your responsibility to rinse and dry all gear prior to returning it to the shop
  • Gear is due back to the shop after the dive
  • Logbooks must be updated at the end of each dive
  • Students should bring a lunch and plenty of water / juice
  • If you are unable to attend the open water dive, you can reschedule for the next open water class.
  • If an additional open water class is necessary, an additional cost of $100 be added
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification Class 6/4/19

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification Class 6/4/19

Giant Stride Dive Shop

06:30 pm

June, 2019 - PADI ADVANCED Certification Class. Instructor: John Langella Develop your skills and extend your range of diving experiences!.  Only two classroom sessions - the focus of this course is DIVE EXPERIENCE!  There are five or more specific dive experiences including NAVIGATION, Search & Recovery, NIGHT, DEEP , BOAT, and DRIFT DIVING.  The cost of this ADVANCED DIVER course is $375 and includes the books, tables, a loaner instructional DVD and certification for PADI Advanced. Students are expected to provide their own personal dive equipment suitable for each dive. Class Schedule: (classes are at Giant Stride Dive Shop) Classroom #1: Tuesday, June 4: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Meet the instructor and review course and equipment requirements and schedules.  Classroom #2: Tuesday, June 11: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Turn in all paperwork, go over knowledge reviews and practice Navigation and Search & Recovery techniques. Bring BCD and regulator, dive lights, dive reels, compass and slate. Dive Schedule: (*All dive dates are tentative depending on weather and conditions.) Sunday, June 9: 9:00 am Advanced checkout dives and Boat dive Sunday, June 16: 9:00 am Navigation and Search & Recovery dives Friday, June 21: 7:00 pm Night dive  Sunday, June 23: 9:00 am Deep, Drift and Enriched Air Dives  Enrollment is Limited! REGISTER and STOP IN TO THE STORE TO SIGN UP AND PICK UP YOUR STUDENT PACKAGE!
Guided Shore Dive at Fort Wetherill 6/6/19 @ 6pm

Guided Shore Dive at Fort Wetherill 6/6/19 @ 6pm

Giant Stride Dive Shop

06:00 pm – 08:00 pm

June 6 2019 - Guided Shore Dive at Fort Wetherill
June 6 2019 - Guided Shore Dive at Fort Wetherill Giant Stride Dive is doing a Guided Shore Dive at Fort Wetherill in Jamestown @ 6pm. This is open to any divers with an Open Water Certification (please bring your Certification card). Our Divemaster, Steve will guide you, and be your buddy if you haven't got one. Rental Gear is available at our store if you haven't had a chance to get your own yet. Steve is a PADI Certified Divemaster and works for Tips so please be generous to show him that you had a good time and appreciate his efforts. Please contact Steve directly @ so we know how many to expect and to be able to notify you if there is a change in plans due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Certification Class 6/6/19 @6:30pm

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Certification Class 6/6/19 @6:30pm


06:30 pm – 08:30 pm

June, 2019 - PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Certification Class.

Instructor: John Langella

Prerequisites: Minimum age of 15 and Advanced Certification.

Cost: $425: Includes book and certification card for PADI Wreck Diver Specialty and dive charters.

 Diving submerged wrecks is exciting and rewarding requiring skills beyond basic scuba to do so efficiently and safely. The Wreck Diver Specialty certification course is designed to train divers how to research and evaluate wrecks, develop practical knowledge of wreck diving, and how to plan, organize and make wreck dives and penetrations.

 This course entails two classroom sessions and five dives. Students are expected to provide their own personal dive equipment suitable for each dive. In addition to normal scuba equipment and appropriate exposure protection, students are expected to have: 2 dive lights, a penetration reel, a line spool, a lift bag, a safety sausage, slates, appropriate knife/line cutting tool and redundant air supply (i.e. pony tank & regulator). These items are required for this class......We recommend you purchase these items but they are available for rent from the shop. Attendance is mandatory for all classes and dives.

Class Schedule: (classes are at Giant Stride Dive Shop)

Classroom #1: Thursday, June 6: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Meet the instructor and review course and equipment requirements and schedules.

Classroom #2: Thursday, June 13: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Turn in all paperwork, go over knowledge reviews and practice reel techniques.

 Dive Schedule:   (*All dive dates are tentative depending on weather and conditions.)

 Saturday, June 8:Skills and Equipment checkout dives

 Saturday, June 15:Wreck dive 1: Navigating a wreck and running a reel.

 Saturday, June 22:Wreck dive 2:  Navigating a wreck, evaluating points of interest and possible penetration and mapping

Saturday, June 29: Wreck dive 3 & 4:  Navigating a wreck, use of penetration reel, evaluating & mapping the wreck, and penetration.


Annual North Carolina Wreck Diving Adventure 6/14-6/20/19

Annual North Carolina Wreck Diving Adventure 6/14-6/20/19


All Day

June 14, 2019 -MOREHEAD CITY NORTH CAROLINA TRIP  Dive the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” with Giant Stride Dive Shop on our annual pilgrimage to NC!  I've been coming  back here every year since 2003 because the diving is freaking awesome. Come home with some Meg teeth, great memories of Great wrecks with Sand Tiger Sharks at good price with great viz! We will dive in Wilmington, NC on 6/14 first to do a Megalodon Shark Tooth (2 tank dive) then back to Morehead with Olympus Dive Center on 6/15 - 6/20 on some awesome shipwrecks in 80 to 130 fsw, viz is 40 to 100 ft. Water temp. is between 72 and 78 degrees! Some people wear 3mm suits but I wear a 5mm suit, a 7 will work as well! You can view the wrecks we will dive at I'll drive down on the evening of 6/12 at around 6pm to avoid traffic so I can take my own tanks and gear arriving sometime in the afternoon in Wilmington. (you can rent tanks and lead from Olympus if you Fly & don't want to drive.) Wilmington is a 16 hour drive Morehead is 2 hours north of that. You must have an Advanced Open Water Cert. (that means bring it with you), SMB, safety sausage or liftbag, whistle and we recommend a redundant air source. A Dive Computer and Hyperbaric Insurance is also mandatory! (DAN Insurance or equivalent) Call 4o1-7three2-8808 for more info or just come in and sign up, and leave a deposit to insure your spot. Deposits constitute a commitment and are non refundable. Call the Store to let me know you're interested. The cost for 2 Megalodon Tooth dives and 6 days of 2 tank wreck diving and lodging in a Motel in Wilmington and a Beach front house in Atlantic City Beach is  $1675.00 CC, cash or check. A $500.00 Deposit is required to hold your spot No exceptions. A $50.00 discount will be deducted for those paying in full in cash or check before March 10th. Full payment is due by May 14th 2019. The first leg of the trip will be in Wilmington lodging at the Jameson Inns, 5102 Dunlea Ct. Wilmington, NC 28405 May 13...check inn time is 3pm. the Meg dive is with Aquatic Safaris Dive Shop and we are meeting at Bridge Tender Marina 1418 Airlie Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403 please arrive there by 7am. Upon completion of the Meg Dive we head to Olympus Dive Center 713 Shepard St. Morehead City, North Carolina 28557 to check in with the dive shop before heading to Atlantic Beach to our condo 1919 West Fort Macon Rd. Atlantic Beach, NC 28512  Saturday June 15 we start wreck diving with Olympus show up at 6am! Everyone must have Certification Cards on their person! This means you! You will not be allowed to dive without your AOW certification card. If you have it a Nitrox card as well if using Nitrox. Make sure your tanks are within Hydro and Visual inspection dates. I recommend leaving home Wednesday after 6pm to arrive in Wilmington around lunchtime, get a bite to eat and Check in to the hotel.