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PADI February Open Water Scuba Diver Class (beginner) 2/7/22

PADI February Open Water Scuba Diver Class (beginner) 2/7/22


06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

Class starting February 7, 2022 - OPEN WATER DIVER referral / certification course. Instructor: John Langella COST:  $550.00 HOWEVER WHEN YOU BUY YOUR MASK, FINS AND SNORKEL AND BOOTS HERE WE WILL DISCOUNT THEM BY $100.00 (must buy all 4 items to get the 100.00 discount otherwise you will get a 10% discount) MAKING THE CLASS $450.00 GET YOUR DIVING CERTIFICATION, (DIVERS  LICENSE) AND START YOUR ADVENTURE WITH THE BIGGEST, BEST STOCKED SHOP IN RI. A 10% Student discount is offered to students on gear for the duration of the class and 30 days thereafter and if you decide to purchase all your own gear we will give a significantly higher discount giving you a better deal than you will ever get on the internet. If you buy all your own gear from us prior to signing up to take this class the class will be free and you will dive in your new gear. You must purchase new gear from us head to toe with full exposure protection, (hood, boots, gloves & wetsuit) full Regulator setup and either wrist or console computer, BCD (Buoyancy Compensator), Mask, fins, boots, snorkel, weight belt , weights and at least 1 steel tank or 2 aluminum tanks. (10% discount does not apply to this offer….it is 20% or more off when you do the math) This class has no hidden costs!!! We don’t just sell it WE LIVE IT! Call 401-732-8808 for more info or stop by the store to enroll. GET YOUR DIVING CERTIFICATION, (DIVERS  LICENSE) AND START YOUR ADVENTURE WITH THE BIGGEST, BEST STOCKED SHOP IN RI.   Dates for Classes and Pool Sessions February  07    Monday       @ 6:30 to 9:00               Class 1 February  09    Wednesday       6:30 to 9:00             Class 2 February 13    Sunday         @  TBA            Pool 1   February  14    Monday        @  6:30 to 9:00              Class 3 February  16    Wednesday    6:30 to 9:00             Class 4 February 20    Sunday        @  TBA             Pool 2 February  21    Monday        @  6:30 to 9:00              Class 5 February 27    Sunday        @  TBA             Pool 3   Open Water Dives  to be done in the spring.  Ask about the PADI Referral Option. Do your Open Water  checkout dives in warm locations.    Open Water Course Academic Session (class room) ●PADI Open water Diver Manual, Recreational Dive Planner, Diver Log Book ●Completed Knowledge reviews (from the end of each module in the Open Water manual) ●Notepad or notebook for taking notes ●Provide Two pass port photos (for certification card) Confined Water Session (pool) ●Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Booties ●Bathing suit and towel   Open Water Sessions (Ocean Dives) ●Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Hood & Gloves (Provided by student) ●Weight Belt, Regulator, Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), Wetsuit (7mm / ¼ inch) and tank (provided by dive shop) ●Dive Flag (provided by dive shop) ●Logbook and Dive Tables (provided by dive shop) ●Proper clothing for the weather conditions, large towel ●Food snacks and drinks   Student responsibilities during academic sessions ●Student must read 2 modules of the Open Water manual prior to each class ●Knowledge reviews must be completed and handed over to the instructor prior to the class ●Passing grade for all quizzes is a 70%. Seven out of ten must be correct ●Passing grade for the final exam is a 70%. Thirty five out of  out of fifty must be correct ●Academic session begins at 6:30 pm.  If  you are unable to attend , the class must be made up ●Students can not participate in the Confined water Class (pool) sessions if the corresponding academic session has not been made up.   Student responsibilities during Confined Water (pool) Sessions ●You must be sized up for gear before the pool session. This must be done at least 1 day prior to the actual pool day ●You will be given gear for the pool and it is your responsibility during the time it leaves the shop or instructor, to take cares of and maintains gear. ●You will need to be at the pool 15 min before the class begins ●All equipment must be cleaned after each class ●If you are unable to attend a pool session, you must reschedule promptly. If an additional pool is necessary, an additional cost $85 will be added ●All confined water work must be completed before the Open Water dives     Student responsibilities during Open Water Sessions ●All balances for the class must be paid in full ●You must pick up your gear prior to the open water dive ●It is your responsibility to rinse and dry all gear when returning it to the shop ●Logbooks must be updated at the end of each dive ●Students should bring a lunch and plenty of water / juice ●If you are unable to attend the open water dive, you can reschedule for the next open water class. ●If an additional open water class is necessary, an additional cost of $75 a day will be added  
PADI ENRICHED AIR/NITROX Certification Class 2/8/22 @ 6:30pm

PADI ENRICHED AIR/NITROX Certification Class 2/8/22 @ 6:30pm


06:30 pm – 09:00 pm

PADI ENRICHED AIR/NITROX Certification Class. Instructor: CHRIS PARKER Develop your skills and extend your range of diving experiences!   Learn to use Nitrox to increase your bottom time and improve your safety factor.  Only one classroom session. No Dives Required. The cost of this NITROX / ENRICHED AIR course is $175.00 and includes the book, tables, and certification card for Enriched air Diver.

What is nitrox?

In recreational diving terms, enriched air nitrox (EAN) refers to any nitrogen/oxygen gas mixture with an oxygen concentration higher than the 21 percent found in normal air--32 percent oxygen is the most common--and tanks filled with EAN are often clearly marked with a nitrox tank band and have the mix percentage written somewhere near the tank valve. It is this higher percentage of oxygen, and the proportionately lower percentage of nitrogen, that allows divers to lengthen no-decompression limits, shorten surface intervals and get an added safety buffer for decompression sickness in certain diving circumstances.

How does nitrox work?

As we've all learned from certification, when you dive, the water pressure causes nitrogen from the air you're breathing to dissolve in your bloodstream. The higher the pressure, the more nitrogen will dissolve. After a certain concentration of nitrogen builds up, you must come back to the surface slowly in order to avoid either mandatory decompression stops or a case of decompression sickness (DCS). For example, based on the U.S. Navy dive tables, a diver on air at 100 feet reaches his or her no-decompression limit and must come up after 25 minutes. At 60 feet, the diver's maximum time would be one hour. Nitrox changes the numbers. When you replace some of the nitrogen with extra oxygen, there's less nitrogen available, which means it won't dissolve as quickly, allowing a longer no-decompression limit. This concept is known as the equivalent air depth (EAD). For example, divers at 105 feet with 36 percent nitrox will dissolve nitrogen into their blood and tissues at the same rate as when breathing air at 80 feet. Therefore, the diver's ordinary no-decompression limit of 20 minutes extends to 40 minutes — that's double the bottom time Class Schedule: (classes are at Giant Stride Dive Shop) Classroom : TUESDAY FEB 8th @ 6:30 pm. Meet the instructor and review Knowledge reviews, course requirements take test.



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Please make deposit before July 1, 2021 as I must release any unsold seats before then. The Northeastern Caribbean is an intriguing area offering a blend of Dutch, British, French and native cultures on some of the most scenic islands of the Caribbean. The vessel departs Saturday march 5, 2022 from St. Kitts. Itineraries include 5 1/2 days of diving; 2 to 3 days within the Saba Marine Park, and 2 to 3 days at St. Kitts. 5 dives daily are normally offered, including night dives. The schedule also provides for up to 3 island tours during the week, there is ample time for our guests to explore forts, rainforests, duty-free shops and museums. We will need to schedule departing flights 3/5/22 from St Kitts and return flights from St Martin 3/12/22 Package includes: 7 nights/8 days aboard the vessel; up to 5 dives daily (weather permitting); 3 meals daily, except Friday’s evening meal; between-dive snacks; towels, linens, etc.; use of tanks, weights and weight belts; all air fills; alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Dive with reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Octopus, Morey Eels, Turtles and all the great Macro and beautiful Caribbean reef fish. When we did this in 2015 the crew would have Hot Chocolate with Bailees and Kalua in it after every night dive.... ; ) The Northeastern Caribbean itinerary, combining diving and optional island access, has always been unique within the liveaboard diving industry. As a dedicated dive liveaboard, all diving is done directly off of the vessel, using the expansive dive deck covering the aft third of the main deck. Each diver has his or her own dive gear bin; a large camera table, as well as rinse tanks, wetsuit drying racks, charging stations are available for all to use. Nitrox is available ($150.00 for the week); tanks are filled in place between each dive, so that there is never any need to disassemble your gear. If you are interested in touring the islands, other guests' can continue diving. We can also arrange additional time ashore to hike the rainforest-covered mountains, horseback ride on the beach, or even play golf, check with the crew when you board. A variety of specialty course training is available aboard, if you are desiring to take a specific course with us, please let us know when making your reservation. Complete dive gear and computer rental are also available Saba, known for its submerged offshore pinnacles, is the 5 square mile top of a dormant volcano towering 3,000 feet above the surface and surrounded by volcanic sand. The abrupt topography above the sea is mirrored below, and the profusion of marine life attests to the early institution of the Saba Marine Park in 1987. St. Kitts offers arguably the widest variety of sites - finger reefs, recent wrecks, and a variety of dropoffs that will capture your imagination. A great trip isn't accomplished purely because of the destination or the marine life but also because of the divers you are there with....a fun loving, wild bunch of North East Divers ensures lots of laughs, great dive buddies and clever antics. Explorer Ventures combines the luxury of cruise travel with spectacular live- aboard diving. The ship's features include: a spacious dining area; comfortable lounge area with television, DVD, and audio center; shaded and sun decks. Each large passenger cabin has a private bath, and air conditioning. Price for an 8-day/7-night trip (5 1/2 dive days) $2350.00 per person plus $115.00 for port, park and possible fuel surcharge of $80.00 you pay on board and $150.00 for optional Nitrox (YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN FLIGHT.) deposits are due August 1ST,2021 or pay in full by then to get a $50.00 discount $2300.00), PAY IN FULL BEFORE DECEMBER 1ST 2021 please! Join us  for fun, adventure and more dives in a week than most divers do in a month. We night dive every night and finish up evening with a cocktail or two. When making flight arrangements keep in mind you must arrive in St. Kitts on or before 3/5/22 3pm or later to allow for time to board the boat where we will settle in and have dinner.....we can board at 3pm NOT BEFORE. MY FLIGHT DETAILS: Flight: 1 Multi-Destination Ticket All flight times are local to each city. I will post once flights are available. ______________________________________________________

St. Kitts Liveaboard Departures

3/5/22 Saturday: St. Kitts
  • 1500: Guests board
  • 1830: Dinner (snacks or dinner available for those arriving on later flights)
  • 2000: Captain's Briefing, documents, etc. Night spent at dock.
Sunday -Tuesday: St. Kitts
  • 5 dives daily; optional island tour on Monday. Night crossing to Saba (2 hours).
Wednesday - Thursday: Saba
  • 5 dives daily; optional island tour on Thursday. Nights spent at mooring.
Friday: Saba - St. Maarten
  • 2 dives at Saba before lunch; early afternoon crossing to St. Maarten. Afternoon at leisure and dinner ashore, with night spent aboard vessel at dock.
3/12/22 Saturday: St. Maarten
  • 0700-0830: Continental breakfast
  • 0900 : Guests depart the vessel. Should you be leaving on an afternoon flight, please feel free to leave your luggage aboard (or on the dock alongside) until you depart.
Due to the necessity of readying the vessel for our next cruise, we must strictly enforce the 9am departure deadline.
FOR THOSE GOING ON THE LIVEABOARD TRIP TO ST MAARTIN, SABA AND ST KITTS: You have to go to this link print the trip application and liability waiver, fill them out and get a copy to me as well as keep the originals to bring with you on the trip.   ApplicationReleaseCarib.pdf (
Please read this link: Travel Requirements – Sint Maarten EHAS ( You will have to fill out an EHAS application within a 2-3 day period before arrival in St. Maartin I'm sur there will be some changes before the next 5 1/2 weeks are up before we depart.


Giant Stride Dive Shop

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Dive the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” with Giant Stride Dive Shop on our annual pilgrimage to NC!  I've been coming  back here every year since 2003 because the diving is so awesome. We are diving with Olympus Dive Center on Monday 6/13 -Sunday 6/19 on some awesome shipwrecks with amazing Sandtiger Sharks in 80 to 130 fsw, viz is 40 to 100 ft. Water temp. is between 72 and 78 degrees! Some people wear 3mm suits but I wear a 5mm suit, a 7 will work as well! You can view the wrecks we will dive at I'll drive down on the evening of 6/11 Saturday leaving RI at around 6-8pm to avoid traffic so I can take my own tanks and gear arriving sometime in the afternoon in Morehead City. (you can rent tanks and lead from Olympus if you Fly & don't want to drive.) Morehead City is a about a 14 hour drive. You must have an Advanced Open Water Cert. card (that means bring it with you), SMB, safety sausage or liftbag, whistle and we recommend a redundant air source. A Dive Computer and Hyperbaric Insurance is also mandatory! (DAN Insurance or equivalent) Call 4o1-7three2-8808 for more info or just come in and sign up, and leave a deposit to insure your spot. Deposits constitute a commitment and are non refundable. Call the Store to let me know you're interested. The cost for 7 days of 2 tank wreck diving and lodging in a Beach front house in Atlantic City Beach is  $1800.00, cash or check. The Kitchen is fully equipped and there is a grill to cook on as well. A $500.00 Deposit is required to hold your spot No exceptions. A $50.00 discount will be deducted for those paying in full in cash or check before January 1st. Full payment is due no later than April 1st, 2022. Address: Olympus Dive Center 713 Shepard St. Morehead City, North Carolina 28557 to check in with the dive shop before heading to our condo 1919 West Fort Macon Rd. Atlantic Beach, NC 28512  Monday June 13 we start wreck diving with Olympus so show up at 6am! Everyone must have Certification Cards on their person! This means you! You will not be allowed to dive without your AOW certification card and  a Nitrox card as well if using Nitrox. Make sure your tanks are within Hydro and Visual inspection dates. I recommend leaving home Saturday after 6pm to arrive in Morehead City around Brunchtime, get a bite to eat and Check in at Olympus before heading to the house Diving During COVID 19     with Olympus Dive Center We are in unprecedented times.  The safety & well-being of our divers, staff, and crew are a Top Priority here at Olympus Dive Center.  We have changed a few things around the store and implemented new policies for the dive boats, we appreciate your help with these safety measures. If you are feeling unwell or sick (i.e., persistent cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, OR at least two of the following: fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new lose of taste or smell).  Please give us a call to reschedule.  DO NOT enter the Dive Shop. DO NOT Dive. This list is not all-inclusive: please seek medical advice as soon as possible. Olympus Dive Center wants to help you get back underwater as safely as possible.  These are the changes that we have implemented that will allow us to take you diving. Checking In at the Dive Shop:
  • All Staff & Guests are asked to wear a face cover.
  • Please print and fill out the Olympus Dive Center Waiver Form: prior to arrival.  Hand your completed waiver form to Olympus Staff.  Please have your certification card out and ready to show to Olympus staff.  Don't forget your Nitrox c-card, if you are planning on diving Nitrox. 
  • Olympus Dive Center will be limiting the number of people in the dive store, please make sure to maintain Social Distancing while in the dive shop and outdoor deck area.
  • The dive shop will be disinfected throughout the day, please avoid touching things unless necessary or purchasing.
  • All rental equipment and tanks will be sanitized by our staff members.  Please do not touch other diver's gear.
  • We will be taking everyone's temperature before handing out Boarding Passes.
On the Dive Boat:
  • All Dive Crew & Guests are asked to wear a face cover.
  • Please have all your dive gear (excluding tanks) inside a gear bag or bin upon boarding the dive boat.
  • Please practice Social Distancing while on the boat.  Scuba tanks will be spaced on the boat to help with this.
  • We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle.
  • Please remember to bring a towel, snacks or lunch, and personal disinfecting products.  No bleach products allowed on board.
  • Marine Head - Please remember that no paper towel products or wipes are to be placed in the toilet.  There is a trash can in the bathroom for those products.  Toilet Paper ONLY in the marine head.
  • Please do not spit in your mask or on the deck of the boat.  If you do not have Defog solution, we have spray bottles of Defog on board.  There will be NO communal mask rinse bucket.  We will have jugs of water to splash into your masks if needed.
  • The dive boat will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • End of Dive Day - ALL dive equipment and tanks must be removed from the boat to allow the crew the ability to properly sanitize and disinfect the boat for the next day's dive trip.
  • We recommend that each diver bring a personal rubbermaid/bin/tub to store their dive equipment overnight in their car or hotel room.
Back at the Shop:
  • We will have three rinse bins set up for rinsing and disinfecting dive gear. Bin #1 & #2 will have a bleach solution and Bin #3 will be fresh water.  We also have a few hoses that can be used for fresh water rinsing.
  • Please return rental tanks or your personal tanks to be filled to the appropriate Fill Box (White for Air and Green for Nitrox).
  • Please enter the dive shop while practicing Social distancing to pay for rental tanks or fills for the following day.
  • Only Scuba Tanks will be allowed to be loaded on the boat for the following day after the boat has been scrubbed and disinfected.
Tips to help keep you safe and minimize risk for exposure.
  • Divers should sanitize their dive equipment, especially - masks, snorkels, whistles, orally inflated SMB's, BCD oral inflators, and second stages of regulators.  All Olympus Dive Center rental dive equipment is be disinfected immediately after each use.
  • Use a defog solution instead of spit for your mask.
  • Dive buddies should not use/share the same mouthpiece unless it’s an emergency.
  • Carry disinfectant solution in your dive bag in case needed.
  • Wear a face cover (i.e., face mask, gaiter, buff, bandana, etc.)
  • Practice Social Distancing while in the Dive Shop, Outdoor Deck and Dive Boats
  • Practice proper hygiene, including frequently washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and not touching your face.
Thank you – we appreciate our help and understanding with these guidelines that we have in place for your and our health & safety. Robert Purifoy and all the Olympus Dive Center Staff
2nd Annual New Jersey Tech/Wreck Diving Trip to Cape May 7/26/22

2nd Annual New Jersey Tech/Wreck Diving Trip to Cape May 7/26/22


All Day

Last year we had an awesome time diving from the "Gypsy Blood" with Captain Jim. The boat is really laid out nice with lots of room complimented with an experienced crew. Dive dates are 7/26 S5 Sub 155',  7/27 USS Montgomery 150',  7/28 Admiral Dupont 150', 7/29 Miraflores 155', 7/30/21-Northern Pacific 150', 7/31 City of Athens 110' Departure time is 6:30am. The cost of the diving portion is 1095.00 (cash or check) (you arrange your own lodging)  The Marina is Utsch’s Marina. It is just past the Cape May canal as you come into town.   You must be there in your hotel by 7/26/21 so we can check in and get some of our heavier gear (Tanks) onto the boat unless you want to load up in the am. The hotel captain Jim recommended is the Cape Harbor Motor Inn. They are diver friendly and have clean rooms, pool. They are only a couple of miles from the marina. Everyone must bring enough tanks for two days of diving, Jim will work on having one days set filled while we are out on the second day. This way you will not have to wait for fills to be done. Drop off a set and pick up a set. All tanks can be left on the boat overnight. No sense in having to load up in the morning. This will be an amazing week! I strongly recommend making your reservations at the Inn well in advance! A Tech cert of at least Decompression Procedures is required. You should arrive 7/25/22 at your choice of lodging. July 26th                S5 (160ft)  US Submarine Sunk 1920 July 27th                USS Montgomery (Max’s Wreck) (150ft) Steamship Sunk 1918 July 28th                Admiral Dupont (150ft) Sunk 1865 July 29th                Miraflores (155ft) Sunk 1942 July 30th                Northern Pacific (140ft) Sunk 1922 July 31st                City of Athens (105ft) Sunk 1918 Read more about these wrecks here: