Tech dive on Dixon Chemicals “Acid Barge” Wreck 9/18/22 @ 6AM

Tech dive on Dixon Chemicals “Acid Barge” Wreck 9/18/22 @ 6AM

  • City/State:33 STATE ST. Galilee, RI
  • Length:All Day

sold out! TECH DIVE CERT REQUIRED! …..The Dixon Chemicals “Acid Barge” built in 1959 is a technical dive with a max depth of 160 fsw. This steel double hulled tank barge measured 220’ in length with a beam of 43’ and was transporting sulfuric acid from Philadelphia on a passage to Boston towed by a Tugboat, when it collided with an inbound tanker Samuel Q. Brown on 11/15/61 before clearing the Delaware Bay. There was some damage but the repairs to damages were deferred to a later date and it was decided the tow must go on! (Lol) November 20, 1961 found the eastern seaboard in the grip of a Nor’easter that put so much strain on the towing hawser that it parted with a snap sounding like a shotgun blast. She is only 3 miles from the USS Bass and enjoys much of the same great viz. Cost: $165.00 Reservations are made by full pre-payment that is nonrefundable. If you cancel your reservation you forfeit the full payment. If our captain cancels the trip, we issue a full refund if you paid in cash and a store credit if paid by credit card. Cancellations by our Captain are made on the day of the charter, one hour before sailing time. We cannot guarantee dive sites, alternate dive site selection does not constitute a cancellation or a refund. Please be at the marina 1 hour before sailing time, to fill out a waiver, present a certification card and get fully loaded 30 minutes before departure time. Our boats sail on time at 7:00 am and if you miss the boat it’s your loss. Your seat is held by full prepayment only. ADDRESS: 33 State St. Narragansett, RI 02882