Heroine Wreck 10/3/21 @6AM

Heroine Wreck 10/3/21 @6AM

  • City/State:Atlantic Ocean
  • Length:All Day

SOLD OUT!!! The Heroine sank on 6/19/1920 and is 136′ long X 26′ wide and sitting in 75′ of water…a really great dive with lots of fish and marine life on and around her. Cost is $145.00 per diver and only 6 spots are available. Reservations are made by full pre-payment that is non refundable. If you cancel your reservation you forfeit the full payment unless we can sell it. If our captain cancels the trip, we issue a full refund if you paid in cash and a store credit if paid by credit card. Cancellations by our Captain are made on the day of the charter, one hour before sailing time. We cannot guarantee dive sites, alternate dive site selection does not constitute a cancellation or a refund.This charter leaves the dock @ 7:00 AM . Must be AOW certified and have wreck reel, safety sausage or SMB and a whistle. Please be at the  slip  1  hour before sailing time, to fill out a waiver, present a certification card and get fully loaded 30 minutes before departure time. Our boats sail on time at 7:00 am (or optimal earlier) and if you miss the boat it’s your loss. Sign up now as these charters sell out quickly. Your seat is held by full prepayment only. This is aboard Priority on 33 State St. in Galilee, show up by at least 6:00am we leave at 7:00 sharp OR EARLIER.