Gould Island & Mount Hope Tug Wreck Dive 7/12/20 show up @9am

Gould Island & Mount Hope Tug Wreck Dive 7/12/20 show up @9am

  • City/State:Conanicut Marina
  • Location:Narragansett Bay
  • Length:All Day

SOLD OUT! We are diving Gould Island and the “Hope Island Tug Wreck” , this 118’ long steel hulled Tugboat sank on February 18, 1968 when she got blown off course in a storm and collided with the Tugboat Narragansett…..now in shallow water she lays upright/intact in 20 FSW. Gould Island is an old Naval Torpedo testing site with lots of structure, tons of fish and a maximum depth of 60 feet (although most of the time 25 feet is the average depth). Whistle, Safety Sausage or SMB, and wreck reel are required. Reservations are made by full pre-payment that is non refundable. If you cancel your reservation you forfeit the full payment. If our captain cancels the trip, we issue a full refund if you paid in cash and a store credit if paid by credit card. Cancellations by our Captain are made on the day of the charter, one hour before sailing time. We cannot guarantee dive sites, alternate dive site selection does not constitute a cancellation or a refund. Please be at the marina 1 hour before sailing time, to fill out a waiver, present a certification card and get fully loaded 15 minutes before departure time. Our boats sail on time and if you miss the boat it’s your loss. Show up at the dock for 9am, the boat sails at 10:00 am…..this a tidal dive and we need to hook in for slack tide so be there on time!