• City/State:Morehead City, NC
  • Location:Giant Stride Dive Shop
  • Length:All Day

2 SEATS LEFT AS OF 4/9 Dive the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” with Giant Stride Dive Shop on our annual pilgrimage to NC!  I’ve been coming  back here every year since 2003 because the diving is so awesome. We are diving with Olympus Dive Center on Monday 6/13 -Sunday 6/19 on some awesome shipwrecks with amazing Sandtiger Sharks in 80 to 130 fsw, viz is 40 to 100 ft. Water temp. is between 72 and 78 degrees! Some people wear 3mm suits but I wear a 5mm suit, a 7 will work as well! You can view the wrecks we will dive at www.olympusdiving.com. I’ll drive down on the evening of 6/11 Saturday leaving RI at around 6-8pm to avoid traffic so I can take my own tanks and gear arriving sometime in the afternoon in Morehead City. (you can rent tanks and lead from Olympus if you Fly & don’t want to drive.) Morehead City is a about a 14 hour drive. You must have an Advanced Open Water Cert. card (that means bring it with you), SMB, safety sausage or liftbag, whistle and we recommend a redundant air source. A Dive Computer and Hyperbaric Insurance is also mandatory! (DAN Insurance or equivalent) Call 4o1-7three2-8808 for more info or just come in and sign up, and leave a deposit to insure your spot. Deposits constitute a commitment and are non refundable. Call the Store to let me know you’re interested. The cost for 7 days of 2 tank wreck diving and lodging in a Beach front house in Atlantic City Beach is  $1800.00, cash or check. The Kitchen is fully equipped and there is a grill to cook on as well. A $500.00 Deposit is required to hold your spot No exceptions. A $50.00 discount will be deducted for those paying in full in cash or check before January 1st. Full payment is due no later than April 1st, 2022. Address: Olympus Dive Center 713 Shepard St. Morehead City, North Carolina 28557 to check in with the dive shop before heading to our condo 1919 West Fort Macon Rd. Atlantic Beach, NC 28512  Monday June 13 we start wreck diving with Olympus so show up at 6am! Everyone must have Certification Cards on their person! This means you! You will not be allowed to dive without your AOW certification card and  a Nitrox card as well if using Nitrox. Make sure your tanks are within Hydro and Visual inspection dates. I recommend leaving home Saturday after 6pm to arrive in Morehead City around Brunchtime, get a bite to eat and Check in at Olympus before heading to the house

Diving During COVID 19     with Olympus Dive Center

We are in unprecedented times.  The safety & well-being of our divers, staff, and crew are a Top Priority here at Olympus Dive Center.  We have changed a few things around the store and implemented new policies for the dive boats, we appreciate your help with these safety measures.

If you are feeling unwell or sick (i.e., persistent cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, OR at least two of the following: fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new lose of taste or smell).  Please give us a call to reschedule.  DO NOT enter the Dive Shop. DO NOT Dive. This list is not all-inclusive: please seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Olympus Dive Center wants to help you get back underwater as safely as possible.  These are the changes that we have implemented that will allow us to take you diving.

Checking In at the Dive Shop:

  • All Staff & Guests are asked to wear a face cover.
  • Please print and fill out the Olympus Dive Center Waiver Form: https://www.olympusdiving.com/assets/Documents/2021%20Liability%20Letter%20Size%20Waiver%20COVID19.pdf prior to arrival.  Hand your completed waiver form to Olympus Staff.  Please have your certification card out and ready to show to Olympus staff.  Don’t forget your Nitrox c-card, if you are planning on diving Nitrox. 
  • Olympus Dive Center will be limiting the number of people in the dive store, please make sure to maintain Social Distancing while in the dive shop and outdoor deck area.
  • The dive shop will be disinfected throughout the day, please avoid touching things unless necessary or purchasing.
  • All rental equipment and tanks will be sanitized by our staff members.  Please do not touch other diver’s gear.
  • We will be taking everyone’s temperature before handing out Boarding Passes.

On the Dive Boat:

  • All Dive Crew & Guests are asked to wear a face cover.
  • Please have all your dive gear (excluding tanks) inside a gear bag or bin upon boarding the dive boat.
  • Please practice Social Distancing while on the boat.  Scuba tanks will be spaced on the boat to help with this.
  • We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle.
  • Please remember to bring a towel, snacks or lunch, and personal disinfecting products.  No bleach products allowed on board.
  • Marine Head – Please remember that no paper towel products or wipes are to be placed in the toilet.  There is a trash can in the bathroom for those products.  Toilet Paper ONLY in the marine head.
  • Please do not spit in your mask or on the deck of the boat.  If you do not have Defog solution, we have spray bottles of Defog on board.  There will be NO communal mask rinse bucket.  We will have jugs of water to splash into your masks if needed.
  • The dive boat will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • End of Dive Day – ALL dive equipment and tanks must be removed from the boat to allow the crew the ability to properly sanitize and disinfect the boat for the next day’s dive trip.
  • We recommend that each diver bring a personal rubbermaid/bin/tub to store their dive equipment overnight in their car or hotel room.

Back at the Shop:

  • We will have three rinse bins set up for rinsing and disinfecting dive gear. Bin #1 & #2 will have a bleach solution and Bin #3 will be fresh water.  We also have a few hoses that can be used for fresh water rinsing.
  • Please return rental tanks or your personal tanks to be filled to the appropriate Fill Box (White for Air and Green for Nitrox).
  • Please enter the dive shop while practicing Social distancing to pay for rental tanks or fills for the following day.
  • Only Scuba Tanks will be allowed to be loaded on the boat for the following day after the boat has been scrubbed and disinfected.

Tips to help keep you safe and minimize risk for exposure.

  • Divers should sanitize their dive equipment, especially – masks, snorkels, whistles, orally inflated SMB’s, BCD oral inflators, and second stages of regulators.  All Olympus Dive Center rental dive equipment is be disinfected immediately after each use.
  • Use a defog solution instead of spit for your mask.
  • Dive buddies should not use/share the same mouthpiece unless it’s an emergency.
  • Carry disinfectant solution in your dive bag in case needed.
  • Wear a face cover (i.e., face mask, gaiter, buff, bandana, etc.)
  • Practice Social Distancing while in the Dive Shop, Outdoor Deck and Dive Boats
  • Practice proper hygiene, including frequently washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and not touching your face.

Thank you – we appreciate our help and understanding with these guidelines that we have in place for your and our health & safety.

Robert Purifoy and all the Olympus Dive Center Staff