3rd Annual New Jersey Tech/Wreck Diving Trip to Cape May 7/25-7/30/23

3rd Annual New Jersey Tech/Wreck Diving Trip to Cape May 7/25-7/30/23

  • City/State:Cape May NJ
  • Length:All Day

JUST GOT ANOTHER CANCELLATION 4/16….1 SEAT LEFT AGAIN!!! For the past 2 years we had an awesome time diving from the “Gypsy Blood” with Captain Jim. The boat is really laid out nice with lots of room complimented with an experienced crew. Dive dates are 7/25 S5 Sub 155′,  7/26 USS Montgomery 150′,  7/27 Admiral Dupont 150′, 7/28 Miraflores 155′, 7/29/21-Northern Pacific 150′, 7/30 City of Athens 110′ Departure time is 6:30am. The cost of the diving portion is 1280.00 (cash or check) (you arrange your own lodging)  The Marina is Utsch’s Marina. It is just past the Cape May canal as you come into town.  www.capemayharbor.com   You must be there in your hotel by 7/26/21 so we can check in and get some of our heavier gear (Tanks) onto the boat unless you want to load up in the am. The hotel captain Jim recommended is the Cape Harbor Motor Inn. www.capeharbormotorinn.com They are diver friendly and have clean rooms, pool. They are only a couple of miles from the marina. Everyone must bring enough tanks for two days of diving, Jim will work on having one days set filled while we are out on the second day. This way you will not have to wait for fills to be done. Drop off a set and pick up a set. All tanks can be left on the boat overnight. No sense in having to load up in the morning. This will be an amazing week! I strongly recommend making your reservations at the Inn well in advance! A Tech cert of at least Decompression Procedures is required. You should arrive 7/24/22 at your choice of lodging.

July 25th                S5 (160ft)  US Submarine Sunk 1920

July 26th                USS Montgomery (Max’s Wreck) (150ft) Steamship Sunk 1918

July 27th                Admiral Dupont (150ft) Sunk 1865

July 28th                Miraflores (155ft) Sunk 1942

July 29th                Northern Pacific (140ft) Sunk 1922

July 30th                City of Athens (105ft) Sunk 1918

Read more about these wrecks here: https://www.gypsyblooddive.com/nj-wreck-diving